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It's a fact in the world of crystals that crystals FIND YOU and I've been Simply Inspired to create a Mobile Business where I bring the crystals....and their you.

 Crystals are coming out of the "Spiritual Closet" in a BIG way!  They are REALLY wanting to help you awaken, heal and expand into living your life in joy, peace, love and abundance vs. scarcity, lack and struggle.

 Mother Earth has created these magical, energetic beauties and for thousands of years they have been used to heal our bodies and expand our consciousness. Now, Crystals are wanting to help us even more as humanity transitions out of living in the 3rd dimension of struggle, conflict, lack & scarcity and into the 4th & 5th dimensions ...and beyond. This is where we activate our power to deliberately create a life of joy, love, peace, harmony & abundance ushering us into the 5th Golden Age.



 In 2018, I was shown in several meditations with my Crystals in Mt. Shasta, then again in April of 2019 while in Egypt,  that I would create a "Mobile Crystal Pop-Up Business" where I traveled across the U.S bringing crystals, and the wisdom of crystals, to you.

I'm not doing THAT, I kept telling myself.....however, when spirit gives you directions you have no choice.

Crystal Wisdom is now ready to come to you!

The most fun is when we gather 15-20 Crystal Lovers ... or those who are "Crystal Curious" ... to bring their crystals (if you have any) and we cleanse/clear/ learn and activate them to work for your highest and best. No Crystals? No Worries! I'll have some for you.

If you'd like CRYSTAL WISDOM to come to visit your area simply click here as the 2019 Fall Schedule is unfolding now.

What To Expect


There is a tremendous healing power in community & connecting

face-to-face, which is why I created a Mobile Crystal Business where I come visit you.

Gather your crystals, gather your friends and invite me to come visit! We find a venue near you...ideally outside so we can all get grounded .... and we invite crystal lovers from your area to join us in a FUN and INFORMATIVE 2 hour CRYSTAL WISDOM event.

Simply click here and submit your request for me to come to you and bring more Crystal Love and Crystal Light into your life and your community!'ll get to shop too as Crystal Wisdom will be stocked with a wide variety of little beauties just waiting to go home with you to do their magic.

May the Light of Crystal Energies be with you always  ~ Namaste'


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For questions or requests for Crystal Parties, Mobile Crystal Workshops or Customized Crystal Intuitive Sessions please send me a message. I will get back to you soon!

With Love, Grace & Inspiration,


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