My Story

 It's a fact in the world of crystals that  crystals FIND YOU and I have been Simply Inspired to pack up my crystals... and my crystal workshops.... and take them on the road to be with YOU!

In 2018 I was shown that I would create a "Mobile Crystal Pop-Up Business" and travel throughout the United States bringing Crystals & Crystal Wisdom to people who like/love crystals and want to learn more. "I'm NOT doing that!" is what I thought but I when spirit gives you have no choice.

Crystal Wisdom is now ready to come to you. 

The most fun is when we gather crystal lovers who bring their crystals and we cleanse/clear/ learn about and activate them to work for your highest and best.

If you'd like CRYSTAL WISDOM to come to visit your area please click here as the 2019 Fall Schedule is unfolding now.



Born on March 17, 1963 in Detroit, Michigan - a Pisces with an Aquarius rising - I was destined to bridge the gap between the mystical and the practical.

As a little girl I was highly sensitive and fascinated with everything mystical. When grown ups asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I vacillated between wanting to become an Oceanographer so I could dive in the Bermuda Triangle disappear then come back and tell everyone where I went,  an Archeologist so I could find buried magical treasures and an Astronaut so I could travel to distant planets and meet extraterrestrials! Those dreams were dismissed as childhood fantasies from the grown ups around me so I ended up getting a business degree and working in the corporate world.

After 25 years as a very successful sales executive.... moving from Detroit to California to Colorado then back to California... I was guided to quit my high paying job at American Express (where I had been their top sales person for many years) and start helping people reach their potential. Scary as it was, I followed the calling and in 2011 launched "Simply Inspired .....Transforming Businesses, Changing Lives" and became a professional speaker and business/life coach helping people reach their potential. 

Throughout the past 20 years I had been collecting "pretty crystals" and during that time learned through several  CRAZY CRYSTAL EXPERIENCES that these beautiful decorative crystals were VERY powerful indeed!

Wanting to own a Crystal Store, in 2013 I purchased a large Rock Shop/Massage Therapy Center near San Fransisco.... where I had purchased much of my crystal collection. I redid the business and created Simply Inspired Spa a healing center where we sold crystals, offered massages and other self care services.  My favorite part of owning that business was stocking up our gift store with amazing crystals and helping/watching people buy  them with such joy!

Again I was being called to make a change. In 2017 I sold the spa and moved to Mt. Shasta California (the root chakra of our planet)  where Crystals were ready to take the center stage in my life. I attended the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts  and completed my Crystal Healing Certification in Kauai that year and worked at Soul Connections in Mt. Shasta, the largest metaphysical store in Western U.S. reinforcing my love for teaching people about crystals and connecting them with their PERFECT crystals. Now it's time to take my passion for crystals and helping people live their potential on the road with Crystal  Wisdom.

Connect ... Learn .... Enjoy!

Let's have a Crystal Party!

The most fun is when we gather 15-20  "Crystal Lovers" or "Crystal Curious" who bring their crystals and together we cleanse, clear,  learn about,  then activate them to work for your highest and best. AND even more get to shop!   

There will be bunches of small and large beautiful crystals and related goodies which have been intuitively hand selected by me ...  just for you.

If you'd like CRYSTAL WISDOM to come to visit your area please click here as we are mapping out our 2019 Fall Schedule now!

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